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Site ID Problem

02 November 2006 - 06:18 PM

Can any please shed some light on what may have caused a problem with PROIV licensing.

We currently have PROIV Version 4 running on an NT Member Server. This has been running fine for years until one day we needed to migrate this server to Active Directory. Moving it from an NT 4 domain to an Active Ditrectory was not a problem. Upon reboot the server booted up fine with all PROIV services running. NOTHING else was done to the server.

3 days later the system stopped running. The PROIV software says that the software is not licenced due to a incorrect side ID. We are running in emergency mode now, but only have 14 days to fix this.

Our company refuse to upgrade to a later version as they have no money, and therefore being blamed as this occured when the Server was moved from 1 domain to another. Can anybody clarify this, if this is the case why after 3 days said we were not correctly licenced? The supplier we are using is a company called Anite who refuse to get a licence key from PROIV for version 4.

Please anybody help?

Thanks Craig

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