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barry kavanagh

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How to detect Cancel from MS Common Dialog

27 October 2010 - 02:49 PM

Hello All

By use of an Activex component in a ProIV function, I'm using the MS Common Dialog to allow selection of a file on the host/network. It works fine but, when control returns to my function, I'm struggling to establish whether the action was cancelled by the Cancel button on the MS Common Dialog. Does anyone have any ideas how to detect a click of Cancel in this way?

Regards - Barrry

Environment: Proiv kernel, VIP on a Unix platform.

auto-count problem when using smooth-paging

04 April 2007 - 04:17 PM

Has anyone had a problem with auto-count not working within VIP?

I've set it on a number of different smooth-paging screens but on some screens it works and some screens it doesn't (i.e. it doesn't display the 'Row xx of xxx' counter).

I can't see any difference at all between the screens where it does/doesn't work.

I've even copied a screen-cycle from one function (where it works okay) into another function but then it doesn't work in the target function.

Grrrr....it's driving me mad now.

Environment is Proiv kernel 5.5r517, VIP 5.5927 on a Unix platform.

Accessing a file in 'B'oth-mode

20 March 2007 - 04:15 PM

Does anyone know of a system variable (or know of a coding trick) that can be used in the after-read-no-error logic for a file accessed in BOTH-mode that will indicate whether or not the required record exists or not. I could access the same record twice (in Add & Change mode) but would rather not go that route. The content (or absence) of the file variables is of no help to me at this time either as they could be set from a previous record or they could even be nulls from the current record.
Regards - Barry

Environment is Proiv kernel 5.5r517, VIP 5.5927 on a Unix platform.

mods to filedefs of CISAM files

19 January 2007 - 05:16 PM

So, here's our problem... after changing the filedef for a CISAM file (e.g. in our dev area) we need to be able to transfer the filedef to a higher environment (e.g. UAT or Live) and at the same time, convert the data in the physical file of the receiving environment to match the new filedef.

We don't want to build a unique conversion function to process the files specific to each release; we want a generic process that can handle any of our files.

We currently have something that works fine in our Native development environment but we are moving to VIP and need something similar. Our current version accesses the Native bootstraps in order to create/gen/run a one-off update function that reads-in the old data using the old filedef and writes-out the new data using the new filedef.

It may be that we have no option than to get the relevant VIP bootstrap filedefs from Proiv and create a suite of functions to mimic what we currently do against the Native bootstraps but we'd rather avoid that if possible - it would also involve updating and/or rebuilding the underlying Native bootstraps too of course.

Question - does anyone else handle the conversion of CISAM data in this kind of generic manner as part of a VIP import? or do you just write something unique for each release that you do?

I'd be grateful for any comments/suggestions/recommendations etc.

Regards - Barry

Environment is Proiv kernel 5.5r517, VIP 5.5927 on a Unix platform.