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Ken Morrison

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In Topic: Happy Birthday rob!

20 January 2010 - 10:27 AM

Hi Ken

Good to hear from you - are you still working with Pro-IV. I recently ran some functions via my Apple iTouch using Safari and the web client. It has 32Gig which is rather more than we had in 1982



I had a few quiet years (bringing up 5 kids as a single parent!) but have been back in PROIV for about 3 years (part time). My youngest is off to UNI this year so have more time to spend. I saw one of the Northgate projects working on an iTouch last summer, very impressive (shame OpenClient does not run on Windows Mobile Internet Explorer though as it's a bit more widely used!).

I have been developing a new web "look and feel" framework (all in PROIV unlike the Northgate Aurora thing) which I am hoping to market (do you want me to send some screen shots for your comments ?).

What are you doing now ? (perhaps time to go to messages rather than clog up this thread!)

Cheers ... Ken

In Topic: Happy Birthday rob!

20 January 2010 - 08:35 AM

It seems a lifetime ago that I was sitting in an office in Bermondsey, London being taught about ALL/Pro-IV by Geof Bull and Pull Jennings - actually it was 1982.

A couple of years later, Frank Stralleau and Jerry Lees started the original Northgate in Scrutton Street in London and I met Sushil Garg! Now in 2009 we are still using updated version of that original software!!

Has anybody any idea of what Sushil is doing now?


Steve Houghton


long time no see!

I too can remember the "training" we had from Geoff (or Jeff ?) but I remember him as Ball not Bull (he worked out of the "Microdata" Crawley office. He gave a training course (explained briefly what the screens meant!) and left us to it (I think the extent of ALL in the UK at the time was SGB and Distillers where I worked (who were just a prospect at the time).

Using ALL on the PICK operating system enabled me to put together bootstrap file layouts on the second day of the course (they had deleted the file layouts but left the VARDEF entries - they were even trying to keep us in the dark then!) day three I had worked out what data was needed to define a function and on day four I wrote my first utility which generated a screen function to perform the function of a menu (I had already worked out how crap the menu type function was!).

I can't remember how many times over the years I said to myself (and others) "if we can get another year or two of income from PROIV that will be brilliant ..." in two years we will have been using it for 30 years!

Just imagine how much bigger the PROIV market could have been with decent product management ...

All the Best

... Ken Morrison

In Topic: Invoking PRO IV function from SQL query

22 September 1999 - 08:58 AM

PRO-IV version 4.6 has an API capability, also PRO-IV have developed a new product called Web Access which is a combination of HTML, a modified JavaScript (PJS) and the API. This would be the easist way for you to implement a link from a web site to a PRO-IV application.

Click the link below to see the new game I'm developing!