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28 August 2006 - 10:41 AM

Eventually, yes. But at the moment, we've (...I) have just started moving over our customizations. We're still 2-3 months out from User Testing and about 4 months out from release. My understanding of the Factory Planning, though, is that it is a separate beast/program from ProIV, using B&T to allow theoretical modelling of changes before actually updating release dates in Glovia. The program that they are using sounds like a Java program as they would be able to drag markers around the screen and see theoretical results in real-time. This evidently is a big thing for the managers here as they've opted to upgrade from our current Glovia 6.1.5 just for this ability.

As I stated before, I'd appreciate (as I'm sure louisaleung would be too) any tips that I should be aware of from other users that are currently using this functionality that they experienced when they installed Factory Planning.



AK, I have send a Private Messag to you, shell we discuss by E-mail ?

In Topic: Glovia APS

25 August 2006 - 01:51 AM

We have just installed 7.3.4 for Factory Planning as well. As I've been assigned the arduous task of migrating all the customization over :( , I'd too be interested in any tips regarding Factory Planning anyone has to offer.



Do you means you are using Glovia 7.3.4 ?

I am using APS (Version 5.0.2-12) which is the product from Glovia Company

APS is an Advance Planning System / Factory Planning System
for Work Order Production Scheduling