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CISAM and Transoft

21 December 2005 - 11:55 AM

We are currently using the Transoft drivers to access data we have in both C-ISAM and ProIsam systems.
Due to some changes in the company structure, we are having to introduce security to these drivers to prevent unauthorised access.

We have reports (within Crystal Reports 10) that access several different systems - an Oracle 8 database, CISAM and ProIsam. The reports all work fine - until we introduce the security on the CISAM data structure.
The reports stop working and Transoft errors out.

Various dialogues have taken place with Transoft, but to be honest their help has not been very helpful at all. B) :(

Has anyone used any of the other ISAM drivers from other providers (does anyone else do ProISAM?) with Crystal reports and security successfully?

Has anyone experienced similar problems and worked around them?

Expanded detail:
What happens on screen:
I login to Oracle and CISAM structures within Crystal Reports. I get access to the tables, create the report. Trying to run the report does not work.
Shut down Crystal and go back in. I get prompted for username and password again, but still it fails.

Switch on logging within Transoft.
Go through the same routine.
The log shows that we there is a request for the data structure, then about 3000 records read, then (having read these 3000 records) another request for the data structure. Transoft falls over at this point.

If I switch off security, the log shows the exact same information to the point of failure - so it is being asked to retrieve the data structure in the middle of the report.
It seems Transoft then loses the fact that it has already been authorised to access the info and therefore fails.

Client hanging

30 June 2004 - 11:04 AM

Has anyone out there had any problems with using the ProIV client on a Windows 2000 Citrix server where the client can be using a large percentage of the processor time?
Occassionally when users open the client, they immediately take 90% or more of the processor time and the client flickers on their screen. No connection is made to the ProIV server at that point.
If the client is closed down and then re-opened the problem seems to have resolved itself on some occassions, but not all the time!

Sometimes the user can be in the middle of doing something (having been logged on for several hours) and all of a sudden their screen starts flickering and the processor usage goes through the roof.

The other curious thing is that this seems to be restricted to only a few users! The suggestion would be that there is something on their profile that is causing the problem (there are about 100 users using the same install of the client)

Creating a new profile and user is one solution - but it would be good to be able to solve the actual problem or trace the cause of the problem.

All the users should be using a standard profile on the Citrix server, copied for their own personal use.

We are currently using build 302 of the client - I am going to upgrade this to the latest version to see if that helps at all.

Has anyone any other ideas?

Displaying the GBP sign

07 March 2002 - 09:56 AM


We are having trouble getting the £ sign (British Pound sign) to display within Superlayer on input fields.
Once we press return, Superlayer changes this sign to be the # sign (hash sign).
Within UNIX the LC_MONETARY is set to en_UK, and in ProIV the Country Standards are EUROPE and the locale is English(UK)

When we go to print this also it prints as the # sign (hash sign)

Any pointers at all?


Telnet Window not disappearing after connect

13 December 2001 - 03:47 PM


We are in process of upgrading to Citrix across our network. We are having a small problem with the ProIV client not closing down the telnet login window after successful login.
The Citrix is on a Windows 2000 server, and ProIV is running on a Solaris 5.6 machine.
There are no problems using the same client version on a Windows 95/98 machine.
(Occassionally we get the same problem connecting through PPP dial up session)
Any pointers would be gratefully received


Redirecting Output to different printers

28 November 2001 - 09:09 AM

Hopefully a quick one....

I have a report that depending on a condition could come out on one of two printers.
Depending on this condition I need to set up which printer the report will come out on (in entry logic).
The additional problem is that for different users the two printer selections are different.
Each user has their LP0-9 set up correctly and I would like to try and use these parameters if possible.
When I try and use SET_RPTOPT I only seem to be able to hard code the device (e.g. SET_RPTOPT ('system_q', '8', ' ')).
Is there an option where I could do something along the lines of SET_RPTOPT ('LP2', '3', ' ')?