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WebClient error

22 December 2006 - 08:26 PM

We're deploying WebClient in-house (version 3.0.81) and most workstations can connect to our webclient services just fine (standalone template). Some workstations however get the error:

"pivRequest.xsp?name=servicename'|ShowStatusBar|ShowFrameBorders|ShowMenu|ShowToolBar|Connect was not found."

These workstations can successfuly load the client when using the default template -- I presume because the way the default template and the way the standalone template call the ActiveX control differs. Does anyone have any ideas why this error occurs on some workstations?


Brian Hagelin

Client SSL connection

20 July 2006 - 04:08 PM

One of the configuration options for the PROIV client is to "Use secure connection" where you can also specify what port to connect to (default port for connection is 23). This will supposedly cause the client to use SSL when requesting a connection to the PROIV kernel server.

Has anyone done this? What needs to be configured on the PROIV kernel server to make this work? Is it something to be configured with the server network/port properties (such as port 443)? Or is it something that needs to be configured with the PROIV server install?

Thanks for any replies.

Brian Hagelin
Dexter + Chaney

Client Administration Installation

19 July 2006 - 02:31 PM

We're testing the functionality of Client Administration (formerly known as Web Client). During installation, there is an option box to "Show Advanced Settings." When this box is checked, another box appears that turns on "Enable Https Listener" along with a default port of 8444 being specified.

I can find no documentation on this, besides the brief description that is provided: "Whether the server support for HTTPS (secure HTTP) is enabled.

Does this in fact allow a client to connect to Client Administration via HTTPS? I've been unable to connect to the server using https protocol on the specified port. We can get it to work with regular http on the default port 8081 though.

Thanks for any replies.