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07 January 2009 - 05:35 AM

Hi Rajeev,

Can you please email your contact information to me at gkwalton@4glsol.com?


Hi George,
I have replied to the mail that you have mentioned i.e. gkwalton@4glsol.com. Kindly check your mail and let me know for further details. Thank you


In Topic: PRO IV Version 2

19 December 2008 - 04:47 AM

I guess it will not take much time for me to go back from Version 5.5 to Version 2

Possibly not, but that does depend on what you've been using on 5.5... If you've been using VIP/Studio then you've been spoilt - you probably won't be used to keeping track of explicit field and LS numbers, and if it's a version 2.x system that only has @MOD/@MODX then it'll be a real step backwards!
e.g. you can't just insert a field into LS1 without then editing all the start and end field ranges of higher LS's, as well as any subsequent read field + error-return field numbers on file reads. (ouch!)

Yes, the basics are the same, but you do need more discipline in a 2.x environment vs a 5.5 VIP or Developer Studio environment. (I can't comment with regards to how 2.2 PROAIDE copes with these things as I've never used it.)

Green-screen only can have it's quirks to get used to as well - such as backspace/delete behaviour, correct Function key mapping, '.' return + '/' return for OK and Cancel.
Also, I'm pretty sure that Global Functions aren't available in 2.x so you won't be able to reuse your code so readily - so expect to write/maintain large functions!

Thank you for the reply .. no i am was not working on VIP ....i was working on @MOD/@MODX.....
Thats a disadvantage of global function not being supported in 2.x :cry:

In Topic: PRO IV Version 2

18 December 2008 - 04:59 PM

Hi Rajeev,

version 2 will be green screen only, there is no gui interface. no properties settings. There are no bus&tasks, no SQL interface, if you are lucky, they will have c-isam on version 2.2, otherwise it's pro-isam only
the most thing for you as a developer to watch out for is the development environment. Vip and Studio are not available, maybe they have an old version of pro-aide, otherwise it's back to @MOD

good luck


Thanks a ton for the reply Mr Wim
As a developer i wont be facing any problem if it is version 2. I dont know which version of pro-aide they are using but they mentioned that they want people who worked on PRO IV version 2. I guess it will not take much time for me to go back from Version 5.5 to Version 2. :cry: . Thank you once again for your reply


In Topic: ProIV Programmer

09 June 2008 - 07:57 AM

Kindly provide the email id

In Topic: Existence of PRO IV

25 March 2008 - 10:22 AM

Hi Gypsy Rose Lee ,
Thanks for your valuable reply and advise. According to your statement there is still a long life for PRO IV. I will definelty update my skill set whether it is PRO IV native or VIP or any other technology for that matter. Incase if i get job on PRO IV. Shall i accept it or not ?????
awaiting your approval
Thanks once again