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Open Client SoftKeys

17 March 2010 - 06:21 PM

I've been experimenting with the Open Client softkeys.

I've adjusted titles by editing soft_key_object.json, but can't seem to locate a table that defines the "keycode".

Can anyone help?


Global functions and icons

14 October 2009 - 03:51 PM

I have a P4 ver 5.5 r411 question:

We have a global function that is not displaying an icon properly.

The global function contains a paging screen where the customer selects a record (name).

Format header 1 contains a type (icon), height, width, and icon name within the gui option window.

When the name information loads, we are copying an image to the c:\proivclient\bitmaps\ folder.

The icon (which is the persons picture) displays properly the first time.

If we return to our search string field, but do not exit the global, the next name (and any subsequent names) selected uses the originally chosen icon image.

If we look at the icon in bitmaps using mspaint, the correct image loaded each time.

If we exit the global, and it's parent function completely, and then return to the global, the icon displays properly, but only the first time.

It is as if the bitmaps folder is only read one time when entering the logical screen.

As an aside...the same function format header and all related logic and fields, etc, behave properly everytime if used in a normal function (a non global type function).

Can anyone lend some insight to what is going on and how we can possibly correct this?

My apologies if my description is not completely clear. I welcome questions/criticisms.


Spell check and word wrap

15 March 2009 - 03:54 PM

I'm hoping someone has made some progress in regards to spell checking and word wrapping text fields.

I have done the requisite searching here but only found a few suggestions.

We currently have 2 solutions tested and implemented, each with their positives and their drawbacks.

One is to shell out to Word on the local PC (running a GUI client) and the other is to run a java servlet application (developed in house) that displays a simple "text editor".

I've seen mention of wrapping around Notepad or using a help file editor, among others.

We really wish to stay inside of our Pro-IV program to ensure a secure environment and maintain our auditing of @OPR, date, and time stamping.

We are currently on v5.5 r411, and migrating to r543, and will be moving on to v6.x within a year or so.

I'd like a solution that will work in 5.5 r411, and migrate up too.

Does anyone have a solution?

I even like the way this forum works.... I've used ieSpell before, but I'd need a way to implement the php script to display the text box.

While I appreciate suggestions and tips, it is not outside our scope to pay for code that is currently working that satisfies our needs.



Use WebClient3, or write our own interface

23 April 2008 - 02:08 PM

Hello everyone!

My first post here. My apologies for the short novel.

To Cathy: I read your post (Best method for remote connections to PRO-IV), and Darrens reply. I am intrigued by the possibilities of creating our own interface. I didn't want to hijack your post, so here goes.

We currently (still) use v4.6 r2.0.0, but have recently been experimenting with 5.5 r4.1.1. All our servers run SCO Unix Open Server v 5.0.6, Tomcat 3.1, and Java 1.3.1.

This week we installed the WebClient3 on the unix host, ver

WC3 installation went well. It connects, configures, and behaves (seemingly) properly, albeit a tad slow and at times, cumbersome.

I like the idea of using IE to display the client, but we're looking for something with a bit more "windows like" feel.

All of our functions were originally created for character terminals, and many of the screens are jammed full of fields, and to implement combo boxes and list boxes crowds the screens even more.

We will have to rewrite many of our screens to give it that windows "look" so why not write something that can use IE on the end users pc.

I'm wondering if an interface (Java servlet) could be written to interpret the pro-iv data, using pro iv commands to communicate with the servlet. Then the end user could connect to the unix host with IE. Tomcat would serve up the interface.

Another characteristic we'd like to include is the ability to access several screens/functions without having to close the current one the user is in. This would eliminate the end user firing off several client sessions to access multiple functions.

Darren, you mentioned Java, .Net, and Asp. Can you, or anyone, give me more info on getting this accomplished?

Unless there is an easier way?

Would it be easier to use a pro iv tool already in use?

Thanks in advance.