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28 February 2006 - 06:37 AM

Yip, tried that, but still don't get the expected results. Unless I am missing something here?

Take for example the following VB Method (Sub)

Public Sub MySub(ByVal Parm1 as string, ByVal Parm2 as Integer)

After creating the interface in ProIV - lets call it AXI -with 2 links, being $PARM1 and #PARM2 - which would be the correct way of calling the controls method (obviously, $PARM1 and #PARM2 have suitable values)

1) MyControl.MySub($PARM1,#PARM2)


2) MyControl.MySub()


3) MyControl.MySub(AXI)

Perhaps my code to invoke the method from ProIV is incorrect ? - since option 1 definitely doesn't work...


In Topic: ActiveX

23 February 2006 - 11:09 AM

Creating the ActiveX's properties in VB with the ActiveX Control Wizard works 100% - properties and events are then visible to ProIV - has issues when writing the "Let" and "Get" statements manually....

However, having said this, when it comes to methods and Events, I have found that they only work under the following condition (could just be me though)...

If you write the Sub/Function with arguments ie:
Public Sub My_Method(Byval Parm1 as string, ByVal Parm2 as Integer) and then ty to access the mthod from

within ProIV as follows

MyActiveX.My_Method($Parm1, #Parm2)

The method fires but the passed parameters don't get there - which is strange...

The workaround for me at the moment is to create the parameters as properties of the control, and then write the method without parameters ie:

Public Sub My_Method

The from ProIV do the following

MyActiveX.Parm1 = $Parm
MyActiveX.Parm2 = #Parm

It then works, but means that you need to remember to set the properties every time before firing the method...

Same applies to Events - the events get raised and are caught by proIV, but as soon as I add parameters, they don't get through...