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In Topic: dynamic attributes in screen

24 April 2006 - 08:43 PM

In this case how many fields appear in screen is it 3 or 4.
i am away from the system , or else would have given a try


In Topic: LSCALL and Parenthesis

24 April 2006 - 01:06 PM

Here is one example:

in report function : everything was working and i have a lscall xxxx in def exit logic of paging section.

With new requirement , i have to put some code for printing the report to a printer and other things in logic out of report function. When i regen it gives error in the lscall (yyyy) of logic out. This lscall (yyyy) which i have put as part of new changes. The same lscall(yyyy) works in other functions.

i commented the entire code of logic out which i have put for new chnages, when i regen it shows error at
lscall xxxx, which was working previously.

Now i went back to paging section and changed the call to lscall(xxxx) and regen it works.

i have put back the commented code of logic out ie lscall (yyyy). It works fine. :lol:

To test the mystery , i went back to lscall(xxxx) and changed it back to lscall xxxx.

now when i regen it works fine with new code in logic out. I didn't understnad why it didn't worked earlier.

Why some times in super layer LSCALL without parenthesis gives error. i put parenthessis back it works. if i remove it works.

Help to get the mystery behind it.

In Topic: LSCALL and Parenthesis

20 April 2006 - 12:42 PM

it is super layer