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PROIV Client Build Number

17 February 2005 - 09:00 AM

According to Microsoft and Windows Installer sources, a version number should be in the format aaa.bbb.cccc (where aaa is the Major Version, bbb is the Minor Version, and cccc is the Build Number).

Firstly, why have PROIV ignored a standard that is so widely used, and also why change the version convention (the files in the previous release were at version 524.0.0.0 compared to this release which is version

This lack of a standard makes performing upgrades difficult if using an MSI deployment, the new files will not overright the old files because the versions are classed as older ( :p

PROIV, Windows NT/2000 & SQL Server 7/2000

13 February 2002 - 09:37 AM

Hi Guys,

I’ve been installing/supporting PROIV systems running on Windows NT/2000 and using SQL Server 7/2000 as the RDBMS for the past 2½ years.

Since day one, I’ve experienced spurious errors that are virtually impossible to recreate as simple test cases. The majority of these errors result in the PROIV Kernel crashing out (not just the user who experienced the error but ALL users).

Does anyone else use PROIV with SQL Server? Do you experience any of the errors shown below? Have you found any workarounds?

Thread Exceptions – very difficult to recreate, the routine that caused the exception can be re-run (once the PROIV Kernel is restarted) and work fine. The error messages that show in the Event Log are similar to –

ThreadId 570: Exception Code c0000005, Address 300035 Current ProIV function OFF ls 0 fldno 1 occured during SQL shutdown.

ThreadId 68c: Exception _W5552M occured during SQL read: Code c0000005, Address 4f14a9 Current ProIV function MD48U36 ls 18 fldno 18.

ThreadId 68c: Exception _W5552M occured during SQL insert: Code c0000029, Address 77fb16cc Current ProIV function MD48U36 ls 18 fldno 19.

I know that some of these errors could be caused by incorrect coding within our application but surely this shouldn’t cause the PROIV Kernel to crash completely! Should it????

Printers not visible in GUI on Windows NT

06 September 2001 - 07:17 AM

A customer has installed the GUI on a Windows NT Workstation PC. Unfortunately when they try to setup any printer mappings within the GUI, they cannot see any of the installed printers on that PC.

Has anyone come across this before/know of any workarounds?

I've tried re-installing the GUI but it makes no difference.