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System command suppression of window

18 March 2013 - 04:32 PM

I've developed a function which uses about 10 SYSTEM commends one after the other and each time, the 'Window' is displayed for a split second and disappears. However, it looks horrendous ! lol and I would prefer if the window didn't appear at all. Is this possible ?
i.e. so that the user does not see any change to their screen as this function runs

checking for active functions

30 March 2007 - 06:34 AM

Is there a way the one Pro IV Supelayer function can detect that another Pro IV superlayer function is currently running ?

@LFUNCT & memory usage

09 March 2006 - 02:59 PM

Hi guys,
here's my first question to the forum- so please be gentle.
We're running a Glovia ( ERP ) system, written in Pro-iv superlayer on a unix / oracle platform.

we have a suite of 4 functions which we need to continually loop. i.e.
function 1 is called from an external unix script, which then sets @LFUNCT to function 2 and then terminates.
function 2 performs its tasks, then sets @LFUNCT to function 3 and then terminates.
function 3 performs its tasks, then sets @LFUNCT to function 4 and then terminates.
function 4 performs its tasks, then sets @LFUNCT to function 2 and then terminates.

We noticed slow response as the month progressed and our system admin guys said that the memory used by this process was ever increasing.

Does this mean that once a function terminates, it's memory allocation is not made available until the actual process is terminated ?
If so, is there any method known, to free up the memory without terminating the looping functions ?

Any advice would be appreciated