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Bryan Thompson

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Windows 2k Page Fault

02 May 2003 - 07:45 PM

I'm currently running pro-iv 5.6 v216 on windows 2000 Advanced Server with Sql 7 backend. I've been researching some performance issues and have noticed that whenever I do the smallest thing in pro-iv such as logon. The Performance monitor showing the percentage of page faults on the server immediately spikes to 100 percent. Now if I execute a function, the page faults remain at 100% as long as the function is running. I'm curious to know if anyone else is having this problem or has noticed similar oddities in pro-iv running on windows 2000


multiple databases in sql server on windows 2000

23 September 2002 - 04:58 PM

I'm having a few issues getting pro-iv to connect to multiple sql servers... i've created the odbc dsn and everything but it seems to have a problem in the ini file... I can only connect to whatever database is specify for SQL_DBNAME and I can't have multiple SQL_DBNAME entries.. If anyone has gotten this to work could you please send me a copy of your ini file.. I've read the documentation and the posts on here, nothing seems to work.

Thank You

Bryan Thompson

HP PCL Commands in a Report

23 July 2002 - 06:04 PM

I'm trying to add PCL commands to a report based on the operator, their current printer, and the function name. I've tried to do this by calling a global report from the logic in of the report they are about to print and then group the output, but that seems to only set the PCL command (in this case changing the orientation to landscape) for the global report. Has anyone been able to do this. I'd like to avoid adding fields into the actual report as this needs to be set for all of our reports that currently exist and there are hundreds of them, also I can't turn off the first line.

Any insight on how to do this would be greatly appreciated


Task Error Codes

14 June 2002 - 11:58 AM

Can anyone tell me what a task error of 51 Status 2 is, I can't seem to find the status code anywhere in the manuals..

Any help is appreciated