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core dump with external record format files

10 March 2006 - 03:56 PM

Hi guys

have a problem with a client site running an archaic version 4 of native (green screen) pro-iv on sco unix (I believe).

Basically they are running a process in batch which starts by clearing down an external record format file using the Clear flag (it's just a text file), then at the end of the process ends up writing to the file, however as soon as it attempts to write it core dumps.

Apparently the same problem has been experienced before, and was tracked down to "ownership of the sequential file" (this is the only info given in the call log - very helpful!), and they solved the problem by deleting and recreating the file, (which I have done using rm and touch, even did chmod 777 to make sure it's writeable), but this didn't seem to make any difference, ran through the process again and got the same core dump at the same point

the file def has Y on external record format and a file format of SEQ

Has anyone encountered a similar problem or can think of any possibilities as to what the problem may be? Currently I'm really struggling as we are unable to recreate the problem on our development box :). I'm also perplexed as to why it can clear the file down no problems, but as soon as it attempts to write to it I get a dump

cheers for any help