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How to replace VIP codewhen importing

19 December 2005 - 07:54 PM


We're in the process of migrating our native ProIV code form Unix to the Windows version 5.5 with VIP. A while back we used the $XFR utility to import our functions to the Windows version for testing. I've been using this test code to get to know & learn VIP.

Here's the problem: We've made changes to the native code and want import it into the Windows version, overriding most (but not all) of our test functions. But when using the $XFR utility, it updates the native code, but not the VIP code.

For example, I've been playing around with a test function named "X" in VIP. When I use $XFR to import a new version of "X" into ProIV, the native code gets updated (I can see the code with @S, @SF, etc). But when I edit "X" with VIP, my test version is still there!

If I delete "X" before importing the new version I don't get this problem. But I have a list of several hundred functions, and don't think I should have to delete them all individually. Is there a solution to this problem?