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LSUpdates : bug?

30 November 2005 - 09:17 AM

Hello :complain:

I´ve found something strange happening in a screen and would like to know if anybody here had already heard of the same problem. I´m running on version 5 and we even tested the problem on earlier versions without finding any difference.

In short, when LScalling an LS-update and exiting normally after the file´s been read, it shows that all the parameters except the keys have been lost by the function process flow.

To illustrate this, let´s say your file contains an A-parameter called PARAM_1 containing the string 'Hello'. Until the exit logic PARAM_1 is equal to this value when asking by a UMSG. After exiting the LS (back in the first LS), PARAM_1 has become blank.

Now the file is correctly read (a UMSG in after read shows it) and is of course not empty. Now I could use a scratch variable to save the parameters I´m interested in reading, but the bug seems so big I couldn´t just let it pass.

So I wonder if anybody here could have the explanation of this?? Is that a known bug.......or am I just crazy? :-"

PS : see details in attachment