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Posted 21 April 2013 - 10:54 PM

(Warning: I am completely new to this environment, although I have had experience with many other environments)

Assure seems focused on automated UI tests. What roll-your-own approaches have people taken to consistently write, execute, report results of unit tests?

Besides Assure, what UI test tools have people used with ProIV? Any specific challenges or particularly easy to use tools?

I saw one post mention source control. Has anybody else had experience trying to use external source control? If so, what tools and how? I am not sure if its really worth any effort to use external source control, if applications are typically exposed to filesystem as one big file. If the "Gen"-ing actually produces text files, it might be worth it.

What experiences have people had migrating between ProISAM and Postgres? (Sorry if this is just a built in tool that I haven't learned about yet). I saw one minor thread mentioning this.

What are people's overall thoughts on the continued focus on using fixed Binary Search Tree based Indexed Sequential files instead of B(+)-Tree based files?

In the early 90's, why did people choose to stick with ProIV over VB or Delphi? If people had known that market share would continue to rapidly diminish relative to the giants in the industry, would they still have continued to use ProIV?

What do people think about the use of ActiveX web controls to expose Web UIs from ProIV? It seems very kludgy and typical decision of companies coming from a desktop client server perspective?

What are the most popular combination of technologies / transitions for people moving off of ProIV? Do people usually move the UI first, exposing web services from ProIV code? Or move the back end first, exposing web service methods to ProIV UI layer? What is the most gradual/incremental/least painful approach?

Why would anyone today choose ProIV over Pega BPM, besides saving money in licensing possibly?

What are people';s experience with this Reality product? Do they like it? What have they typically used it for?

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