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Release notes for ProivIDE 0.1.52

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Posted 08 May 2006 - 06:00 AM


These are the release notes for version 0.1.52 and below....

Release 0.1.52 - 4th May 2006
ENH - Control of ProIV IDE Server visibility from outside ProIV IDE, to help support.
ENH - New version of ProIVGetData loader for older ProIV Kernel support.
ENH - Recent list now only saves one entry per item.
ENH - When you Copy (CTRL-C) fields in a file, they are place on the Fields Clipboard so they can be pasted into a screen functions fields.
ENH - When you Copy (CTRL-C) fields in a file, they are place on the Windows Clipboard so they can be pasted into Logic. A ' = ' and a NewLine char is added to each line.
ENH - All 'lists' in windows can now be searched by just starting to type and the list will scroll to that 'partial' item.
ENH - All 'lists' in windows now scroll to the currently selected item if you resort the list by clicking on the column header.
ENH - Added a 'Continue' button on the RunTime error window, to allow you to try to continue running IDE after a runtime error. Generally you should not use this, as its always best to restart IDE after such an error to avoid possible data corruption.
BUG - Temp files created by the ProIV Client being left in the windows Temp dir.
BUG - Signal the ProIV IDE Server to terminate when ProIV IDE closes, rather than killing it.
BUG - Current functions Global Interface Parameters getting lost when a New Global Logic is created with a GLOBAL_LSCALL and you view the Interface Parameters.
BUG - Only show ProIV 5.0 Properties in Logic Property list for Version 5.0 Kernel.
BUG - Added missing properties 'CharWrap','Inset','Raised','Persistence' & 'HandelOnly' to Fields.

Release 0.1.51 - 25th April 2006
ENH - Added a 'Clear List' button to clear the Recent items in the open window.
BUG - Problems with conneting to Unix servers with PROPATH set with capital or mixed case letters.
BUG - Occasionally the item buttons do not respond and ProIV IDE needs to be restarted.

Release 0.1.50 - 24th April 2006
ENH - Support for openning functions & files from multiple kernel versions in 1 session of ProIV IDE
ENH - Support for older Kernels 4.0,4.6 & 5.0
ENH - New field in Tools/Options/Environments to specify what kernel version each session connects to
ENH - Better support for Reports & Documents in the screen painter
ENH - New 'Value Variable viewer', in menu option 'View'
ENH - New Logic History Tab shows the last few logic IDs visited. Setup the number of Tabs in Tools/Options/Logic menu
BUG - Validate that the Global Function Interface ID is 4 characters or less before openning the window in the Logic editor
BUG - Changed some settings for the Help file, to see if it speeds up loading and to stop it from always being in the Foreground.
BUG - Change to QA Check. Allow DSELF in Lock Logic.

Release 0.1.49 - 23rd March 2006
ENH - Modified Tools/Options window to make more space for more fields.
ENH - Enhanced Toolbar and Dock windows Colours & Themes.
ENH - In the logic editor, the 'Home' key now follows indents upon first press, then on 2nd press it sets the cursor to the beginning of the line.
ENH - New flag in Tools/Options/Logic menu for allowing control of 'Maximizing' the screen when you switch to Full Screen Logic mode.
BUG - Clicking in the Logic margin when the logic has a 'step' that is not visible, crashes IDE.
BUG - In scratch vars util, '#RC = CLIENT.GET('file1.txt','file1.txt')' reports that the var #RC is Assigned and not used. Sometimes code does not use the returned value, so dont report this.
BUG - Occasionally right clicking or trying to close an item button requires 2 clicks.
BUG - Not colouring numerics correctly in Logic for decimal points or negative signs.
BUG - If the cursor is at the top left of a logic and you try to 'outdent' it, IDE crashes.
BUG - If you display a Static, delete the Cycle it on and then click on another Static, it crashes IDE.
BUG - If you select some logic lines, and include the NewLine char at the end of the last logic line, then Copy then Paste the logic, it does not save correctly.

Release 0.1.48 - 9th March 2006
BUG - Opening a file by double clicking on it in the files view crashes IDE.
BUG - Options window crashes when setting up for Single Developer.
BUG - When you undo a LS delete, occasionally IDE crashes.

Release 0.1.47 - 27th February 2006
ENH - Save Function overview grid column sizes in settings file.
BUG - Occasionally things not being saved back to ProIV server, after a logic edit.
BUG - Removed dependency on ProIV OCX PRO4_API.OCX (Bus & Tasks).
BUG - Once changes made to FDESC, no other transactions are saved back to ProIV.
BUG - Saving huge Global Logics ( > 500 lines) was failing to save all lines.

Release 0.1.46 - 7th February 2006
BUG - With no open function and after closing the Options window, clicking on the Logic panel crashes IDE.
BUG - QA Check for SET_RECORD_FOR_DELETE logic verb was incorrect.

Release 0.1.45 - 1st February 2006
ENH - Enhanced the server logging and trace info to help find connection problems.
ENH - Display screen boundries (80x24) in Screen Painter.
ENH - Utilities like 'System Logic Search' now remember results, if the window is closed and reopened.
ENH - New utility for checking for bugs and the quality of code, in the Tools menu called 'QA Check'.
BUG - Pressing 'DEL' key in Function tree on a logic that does not belong to that row type crashed ProIV IDE.
BUG - After a Gen Error, the Function grids dont respond to any key presses.
BUG - Interface ID for Global Functions in Fields can now be changed manually.
BUG - Right click menu items like 'Delete' being disabled randomly in function grids.
BUG - Enhance colour shading for users who have a dark windows background colour.

Release 0.1.44 - 1st February 2006
BUG - Internal Release - Testing install procedures.

Release 0.1.43 - 1st February 2006
BUG - Internal Release - Testing install procedures.

Release 0.1.42 - 8th December 2005
ENH - Added new option in 'Dead Code' utility to search for unused Messages.
BUG - Pressing 'Cancel' during downloading a new upgrade crashed ProIV IDE.
BUG - Server timing out sometimes on initial connection.
BUG - In the function tree, pressing right arrow on a Message ties to load up a logic.
BUG - 'Used Scratch Vars' utility crashing IDE intermittently, if a format ID had a Variable in it.

Release 0.1.41 - 28th November 2005
ENH - Added a new button to open the selected file in the Xref Function / File utility.
ENH - Added Copy Icon to right of 'Parameter' field in Global Function Interface window to copy the 'Parameter' field to the 'Mapped To' field.
ENH - When automatically creating a tagname for a new field, use Upper and Lowercase to create tag names.
ENH - Added new 'Remove' button to remove the currently selected line(s) from the results of System Xrefs or Searches.
ENH - Loging in now requires entry of your ProIV CO/DIV and Opr ID, so that when you gen functions it can save the Gen Opr on the function.
ENH - Added new option in the Logic Context menu to load up the currectly selected text as a Global Logic.
ENH - Double clicking or selecting the new 'Open Icon' in 'Used Global Logics' utility now loads up the Global Logic.
ENH - New option in Tools/Options/Startup to make IDE automatically swap to the 'Function Tree' view when a function is loaded.
BUG - If the first line of logic is a comment that is 70 chars, then if you edit the logic, it looses the last 2 chars of the comment, and causes the NewLine character to be inserted at the current cursor position.
BUG - Dont allow Lines in Statics to go diagonally.
BUG - Crashes if invalid coordinates are entered in for Lines in Statics.
BUG - 'Best Fit' size for Global Fun ID in fields includes the selection button width
BUG - Dont popup Global Function Interface Window if Global Function name is blank.
BUG - Not painting grid boxes correctly in Function overview.
BUG - Used Scratch Vars window crashes if the function doesnt have any scratch vars.
BUG - Replaced LS/LU/LR with 'Cycle' in field descriptions and grid headings.
BUG - After pasting with Middle Mouse button, logic cannot be entered.
BUG - Logic colouring problem if a string is left open on a line of logic.
BUG - If you resize the property window to less than 200 pixels, IDE will crash, and then continue to crash every time you startup IDE.

Release 0.1.40 - 25th October 2005
BUG - Cleared up some icons that were not transparent

Release 0.1.39 - 24th October 2005
ENH - Added Right Margin to Logic panel to show max line length. Option in Options/Logic to turn it off.
ENH - Added a new button in Xref Var/File to Xref File/Fun the file of the currently selected variable.
ENH - Added icons to options in Tools Menu.
BUG - Fixed Middle button paste
BUG - Use Value Variable name instead of field name in Used Value Variables utility
BUG - Fixed colour coding of scratch vars when a '.' is used in the scratch var
BUG - Set focus to logic panel after a ReGen fail with a logic error
BUG - After a ReGen fail, move cursor to the line of logic which caused the ReGen fail if it was a logic error

Release 0.1.38 - 20th October 2005
BUG - Incorrect spelling of File property 'Return Field'
BUG - Speeded up 'Used Scratch Vars' utility with large functions
BUG - Renamed 'Entry Logic' field to 'Default Logic' for Updates, Reports and Documents
BUG - Re-ordered Function properties in Properties Grid

Release 0.1.37 - 19th October 2005
BUG - Logic 0 being lost if its the first logic to be displayed

Release 0.1.36 - 17th October 2005
ENH - Added 'Number Of Occurrences' and 'Usage Problems' to Used Scratch Vars window
BUG - Spelling mistake in Server Not Responding message
BUG - Show Used Scratch Vars utility not searching logic 0

Release 0.1.40 - 10th October 2005
ENH - User Resizing of Logic panel margins
ENH - Auto Update for Paging flag if paging details entered / removed
ENH - Flag in options for removing Logic Line numbers
ENH - Added System Logic Search to Logic Context menu, and auto search if any logic text is currently selected
ENH - Move Global Update flag to below Function Type in Function properties
ENH - Save Toolbar,Menu and Window settings (Reset default value in Tools/Options/Misc/More)
ENH - Logic Editor - Copy on Select - New flag in Tools/Options/Logic to allow any text selected to be automatically copied to the clipboard
ENH - Logic Editor - Paste On Middle Button - New flag in Tools/Options/Logic to allow the middle mouse button to paste
ENH - Added a button to Global Function ID in the Fields Grid to popup the Global Function Interface window
BUG - Update function name in property grid when saving a new function
BUG - Enabled Copy, Paste & Cut in Global Interface Window
BUG - Logic points grid not displaying correctly for last item in Function Grid

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