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ProIV for Australia

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Guest_Sheep Man_*
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Posted 18 April 2006 - 04:55 PM

Hay Sheep,

  don't forget u just need good logic and sense of application to write good programme. One more thing Addition (Super Layer) to Proiv was done by an Indian and not any one else.  Have fun.

Hay Bharat

I agree with you, except about superlayer.

I have also worked with programmers of many nationalities, and have no qualms about that.

My point is that I have also experienced companies which take on trainee programmers, and then put them on client site as consultants. In my opinion this rarely benefits anyone in the long term and only the providing company in the short term. I also object to companies placing inexperienced programmers in other countries, at a cheaper rate, when there is already an available local market. I do not have a problem if said programmers are proven at the skills they are said to posess, although preferably at the going local rate. Maybe this is selfish, as of course, it affects number of positions and rates/salaries on offer in that country.

Of course, I have no idea if the company starting the post is doing that, but it was a coincidence that both posts appeared. Anyway, no offence meant old chap.

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