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Evaluation Mode Timeout

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#1 luken



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Posted 03 November 2004 - 03:14 PM

We are having a problem with the evaluation mode timeout at some of our sites. After 2 hours the system will log one off. When someone is busy with a big update that could take 2 hours or more the process will not complete once it switches from one function to another. When someone has been in for 1 hour and 59 minutes, they could start a transaction and half way through processing and switching from one update to another it will log you off, thereby a transaction process will not be fully completed.

We have clients who would like to evaluate our system, but when this continually happens you can understand the frustration.

The system already warns you as you log on that you are running in evaluation mode , one cannot run batch runs in evaluation mode, evaluation expires in 30 days , why have a 2 hour timeout as well?

I know we can request for temp keys but this whole process is just duplicating a system that is being evaluated.

#2 Tony Waszkiewicz

Tony Waszkiewicz


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Posted 03 November 2004 - 04:40 PM

Hi Luke,

We have the same issue with this but for us it's more important when a customer's server crashes and they need to move to another box or they make small change that causes the licensing to fail.

Sod's law means this will happen in the afternoon (UK time) and everybody at proiv will have gone home!

With the 10 user 2 hour limit :huh: of course our customers do not think this at all a good idea.

I did discuss this with proiv and the reaction was well yes we have probably gone over the top, but of course nothing has been done.


#3 Mike Schoen

Mike Schoen


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Posted 04 November 2004 - 02:25 PM

I dont have the website address handy, but I do know that pro-iv has a website where you can upload a copy of a current pro4.ini and a new site id, and it will give you a new pro4.ini right away. I have used this in the past for customers who were changing hardware configuration and generating new site id's.

It wont solve the eval mode for new customers, but does help for existing ones who go change machine names...

It's well worth getting access to this site from pro-iv.

#4 Joseph Bove

Joseph Bove

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Posted 08 November 2004 - 07:17 PM


The good thing about the temporary keys is that they limit the evaluation process to 30 days. You may want to ask your ProIV rep about the possibility of being able to cut your own install keys.

It's the activation keys that require a contract and licensing anyway. I would tend to think that if you make the case that having a good evaluation system would help you sell more systems, they would be quite agreeable to help.



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