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Testing install notes for ProIV IDE Client

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Posted 10 February 2004 - 10:47 AM

The following notes will help install the ProIV IDE Client application.
  • Download the windows client from (see email).
  • Run the proide_client.exe program that you downloaded and follow the instructions.
  • Start ProIV IDE from the start menu.
  • Press the 'ok' button on the 'nag' screens.
  • If your PC is not on a proxy that needs a user/password and there is a newer version of ProIV IDE available then it will prompt you to download and upgrade. (Follow the instructions).
  • Close the 'Open' form with the 'cancel' key.
  • Select menu Tools/Options/Environments. This is where you tell ProIV IDE about the server you have ProIV installed on.
  • Click the 'New' button
  • Type in any name for this connection. (ie Develop, Live, Test)
  • Type in the Machine name (either the IP or DNS machine name, or 'localhost' if ProIV is installed on your PC).
  • Co/Div should be IDE
  • Opr should be 001 (Zero,Zero,One)
  • Password should be 001 (or what ever you change it too) (Zero,Zero,One)
  • Environment should be 'ide1' for unix kernels and blank for windows kernels
  • Requires Login is only for Unix boxes.
  • Bootstraps is the full dir name of where the ProIV bootstraps are. (in windows including the drive letter)
  • Pro Executable is the full dir name of where the pro.exe executable is.
  • Gen Script is the dir where you put the Gen Script.
  • Click the 'Set Default' button to make this connection the default.
  • Click OK.
There are some examples already added when you startup ProIV IDE.

There is also a 'special' server environment called 'ProIV Resource Centre', this is so that you can connect to my server and test / look at ProIV IDE without having to install the server side or Bus & Tasks.

Any problems with installation, please contact ide@proivrc.com

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