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executing SQL commands

24 March 2005 - 09:57 AM

When executing a couple of SQL commands in a function , the first command is only executed.

We are running Windows Server2003, Proiv 5.5r345.
I have tried revision 308 as well.

MFC 524.



SELECT * FROM FILE2 where field = :$VAR

The delete commmand completes , the session hangs.

I have run the sql profiler to check commands being sent to SQL Server.
The only command sent is the delete command.

I have split the above logic by doing the delete then committing, then executing the insert separately , the session hangs and the delete is the only command that is sent.

I have separated the logic into 2 different logic numbers and the same happens.

It seems that Proiv is only sending the first SQL command and not the rest.

Has anybody experienced this and have any suggestions?

Client Printer Mapping

09 March 2005 - 02:54 PM

We are currently trying to set up printing for customers working on windows 98 and some XP desktops. Whatever you do in the fonts section of the mapping has no effect on the printout.

Has anybody experienced this and maybe have a solution. We have tried nearly all fonts that are available and have no effect at all on the printout.


21 January 2005 - 08:36 AM

We were running in evaluation mode on Linux es, and we could access and create CISAM files. We were given Temp Pro-iv keys with CISAM, but
now we can no longer access or create CISAM files. If we look at @SYSLOOK it displays that CISAM is enabled. I checked thr Pro4.ini file and it too displays that CISAM is enabled.

Please help B)

Running totals in Paging screen

23 November 2004 - 08:05 PM

I've been working with Pro-iv for many years now. Every time I have to maintain of create running totals in a paging screen, I feel like I'm going to have an Involuntary bowl movement !!

I'm running Pro-iv 50r100 at one of my clients.

If you look at a standard Ordering screen, the running totals are the sum of the order lines. I'm defining my running totals as the last fields in my paging screen. Add mode is fine as I just add the current line totals into the Running Total fields.

Change mode I store the totals of the current Order line into # variables before I change the order line and then I total the new order line totals less the saved ones (in my # variables) to my running totals.

Delete mode is the bugger, the timimg cycle runs through all the Before and After field logics when you press F3 to get you out of Add mode so that you can press F7 to delete. So if you are accumulating or totalling up the current line into the running totals, this logic fly through messes up the rolling totals. Delete mode jumps straight to before write of the driving table.

There has surely got to be a simplier way to work with these running totals. If you can flag numeric fields in Report functions as Verticle totals, why can't/has'nt Pro-iv build similar functionality into paging screens.


Evaluation Mode Timeout

03 November 2004 - 03:14 PM

We are having a problem with the evaluation mode timeout at some of our sites. After 2 hours the system will log one off. When someone is busy with a big update that could take 2 hours or more the process will not complete once it switches from one function to another. When someone has been in for 1 hour and 59 minutes, they could start a transaction and half way through processing and switching from one update to another it will log you off, thereby a transaction process will not be fully completed.

We have clients who would like to evaluate our system, but when this continually happens you can understand the frustration.

The system already warns you as you log on that you are running in evaluation mode , one cannot run batch runs in evaluation mode, evaluation expires in 30 days , why have a 2 hour timeout as well?

I know we can request for temp keys but this whole process is just duplicating a system that is being evaluated.