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13 September 2004 - 01:47 PM


I don't use pro-iv that much so here goes what I think is an easy question (thanks for your patience in advance): how do I print a total in the last page of a report? So if my report is 25 pages long I want to print the total in the 25th page and not in any of the other pages.

My suspition is that it's on the very last option, 'SPOOLER OPTIONS' but am clueless really...

My environment is AIX Version 4 if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance,

PRO-IV rates

02 February 2004 - 06:29 PM


Would it be possible for someone to post here what the rates are for PRO-IV programmers with about 2 years experience? It is my main function (and I'm permanent ) but isn't like I do 9-to-5 PRO-IV every day, which reflects on the experience...
Also this in Ireland but if no-one has a fair idea of what the rates might be here could still give me a clue of what's going on regarding these as I'm clueless. Tried to do a Google search but (not surprinsingly perhaps?!) got nowhere...

Any help is mightly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


23 October 2003 - 03:57 PM


I’m having problems with a report in version 4 AIX.

In my report two files are read so that we only get client_ID’s that are originally in one file and then in the next and after that we select a field from that 2nd file, as it is equal to the key in a 3rd file. There we select only policies that are marked as 'Y' in a certain field. This goes on till char 6, just selecting clients with specific characteristics that are marked in different files.

My report seems to do this fine but somehow it only picks one client rather then all of them. When it gets to char 6, where I get just a name, I read from 6 to 6 th field which is the field for the name, char 7 from field 7 to 8 where I read a file to get an amount value then in char 8 I get the key for another file in char 9 in which I get another value and so I read from 8 to 8, the last field.

Am I doing any of these wrongly? Because I only get one single record all the time and I know there are several...

I know my explanation might be an exercise to the imagination but I’m not sure how better to explain what I’m doing…



22 October 2003 - 02:59 PM


Being fairly new to PRO-IV I was wondering if someone could tell me of tutorials in which I could take doubts or learn something beyond what I already know. I mean as a link on the web kind of thing...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

PRO-IV beginner

15 October 2003 - 03:44 PM


I am using AIX Version 4 and have finished creating a report. The report was doing what was requested of it but I have been meanwhile asked to add an additional date field, which all together increases the length of the page, by 10 characters.
The previous report used up to 80 characters but now with increased length it doesn't seem to work i.e. it prints everything else in each record except the last field which goes from column 84 to 90 and which is a percentage number converted to a string.

When the report runs it shows the header wrapped to the next line and every record in the same way but the curious thing is that it shows every field up to character 82 (or 83 ?) but nothing else after that, except for the header and the very last record (!?).

Any thoughts on this?
I am wondering if the extra length is creating any sort of conflict in PRO-IV has I have changed nothing else but that extra date field which doesn’t seem to conflict (code wise) with the rest except for the added length.