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Yee Ming Yew

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Insufficient privilege fro attempted operation

02 July 2003 - 05:06 AM

Hi ..

I encounter this error message "Insufficient privilege for attempted operation"
when i adding a record to a files in a update cycle.

The files mode is "A". The strange things is when i change the files modes to "B" , this
error don't prompt .

Anyone have any idea what really happen.

Thanks ..

Invalid Data Type for SQL

16 June 2003 - 04:24 AM

We are recently using PROIV kernel from 5.5 build 401 to 5.5 build 407. Since then I've been facing this problem

SQL Level

filedef=FILEXXX Mismatch - regen required

I have install the build 407 bootstrap onto my existing PROIV bootstrap directory (build 401). I've been doing this way of upgrading since the last 2 builds of PROIV 5.5, and it seems to be fine until in this one.

Refer to our previous post of this problem, we have been told that there will be a fixed for kernel in next release. Do any one have any idea this problem has been fixed?????????

Save Image to Oracle (BLOB) data type

29 April 2003 - 05:05 AM

What is the data type to store images in VIP if using ORACLE database.