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In Topic: Silent Install and ProIV Client

17 October 2008 - 12:17 PM


I had similar problems when I installed an earlier client on Vista. I contacted Pro-IV and the solution given was that, when installing the client, the user must be the administrator and have User Access Controls (UACs) turned off. When I installed I did not do the latter, when I did all worked perfectly.

To turn off UAC's I think it's tick box in 'Control Panel/User Accounts' somewhere. I'm on XP here so I can't check.



In Topic: Excel

07 April 2008 - 02:01 PM


Just enter code similar to the following:

$$FILENAME = '"' + 'C:\temp\' + CMPR-JOBNO + '-DocRec.xls' + '"'
$$COMMAND = '[SAVE.AS(' + $$FILENAME + ',1,"",False,"",False)]' 
$$COMMAND = '[QUIT()]'

This will save the file as 'c:\temp\n28-DocRec.xls' and then closes excel (CMPR-JOBNO is a file field in our system containing 'n28').

If you look round the forum you'll find lots of examples of dde commands. One such posting by Andy Jones pointed me to this help file containing a complete list of dde commands that can be used as the command within the square brackets. I've found it invaluable and gives you the tools to do all sorts of fantastic stuff.




In Topic: Trying To Use BOLD in Excel

20 December 2007 - 02:21 PM

Hi Andy,

A long time after your original post and no doubt you've solved it now, but I've been trying to get to grips with DDE commands over the last couple of days and have found the solution. I post here to aid any other 'DDE newbies' scouring the forum. The command you require is:

$$PATTERNS = '[FONT.PROPERTIES(,"Bold",,,,,,,,3)]'

i.e. the Bold is in quotes. Interestingly (or frustratingly) if you don't have a number in for the colour then it doesn't work. So if you want to just bold then you have to add the colour as 1 (black).

How flaky is all this DDE stuff?


In Topic: Exporting between servers in Superlayer - question from a Unix dummy

23 April 2007 - 12:38 PM

I'm assuming that the folders on Server1 have been mounted on Server2.

On server1 edit the file '/etc/exports'. This should contain an entry simillar to the below:

"foldername" server2(rw,async,no_root_squash)

If server2 is the actual machine name then there is nothing to do here, if it's an IP address then you should edit this to the IP address of your new server2.

If you make a chenge to the file then issue the command 'exportfs-a' to update the export list.

If the case of the actual machine name you must edit '/etc/hosts' to have the correct association i.e.

server2 (IP addess of new machine)

and run 'exportfs -a'.

Switching to server2, you will have to remount your newly exported folders. Issue the command 'mount' and a list of mounted folders will be displayed. You might see the mount you are looking for (it depends on machine up/down order), if it's there it will be obvious.

If it's not there you will have to find and issue the 'mount' command again, if your system is anything like ours it will be located in the file '/etc/rc5.d/S99local'. Do a 'more' for the file and from the listing enter the displayed command directly and it should mount the drive once again. If it does you should be able to use the system as before.

If you don't have an S99local, look in the folder for other 'S' files, there may be a SXXmounts or something similar.

If you still can't find anything then the mount must have been done manually so you will need to issue it yourself, the format is:

mount server1:/foldername /mnt/foldername

I can't help you too much here as to what the foldernames are, you'll have to poke around in the '/mnt' folder or look at your settings in pro-iv for where you import the files from.

Good luck


In Topic: Main Page

08 December 2006 - 01:12 PM

I don't understand... Why does this page keep re-appearing in my 'view new posts' every couple of days or so? Is it just me or is it everybody?