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In Topic: Improper time retrieved

06 December 2012 - 03:26 AM

Sorry, I did not mention I am using PROIV 7.1 currenly on last post.

In Topic: add user to LOGON

22 August 2012 - 06:37 AM

You would have to create the SECURITY records as well.


Hi Wim.

Did you mean that I only need to create SECURITY and LOGONF file?


In Topic: Error 810 Unable to access XSL transform

15 August 2012 - 02:56 AM

I found the solution, the path had been change, that's why it doesn't work, thanks for your concerning.

Thanks very much

In Topic: Error 810 Unable to access XSL transform

15 August 2012 - 01:25 AM

Hi all, again I would like to ask question again ><, I hope this is not annoying.

I had face the problem of 810 Unable to access XSL Transform.
I had created manually a .xsl and move them into the default path ( should be \opt\pro60\...\virtual_machine\xsl ).
Is that have any method to find the path that I should import to? I had found in "help" but I cannot find a solution.

Thank you for spending your time.

Hi Kai,

Placing them in the default location should be fine so long as the file access permissions are correct.
Are you sure you have that path quite right? Maybe you typed backslash instead of forwardslash for some reason?

Anyway also check environment variable PROIV_XSL which defines a directory to use.

However I seem to recall getting that message when the xsl file contained an error.

I think my path is okay, but thanks I will try to confirm it twice.

And I had print screen my problem about the error message, hope it would clarify the problem.


In Topic: Generate PDF report

14 August 2012 - 03:50 AM

Your English is fine.

I don't use XML with ProIV nor do I use V6, but I will throw out a suggestion in case it is any use..

Do report headers not contain XML tags for their content, and if so can't you attach a header to the control break and produce the output that way?

Thanks for your suggestion.
Report headers do not contain XML tags, as DARREN said, only functions, cycles and fields are contain of XML Tags.

Only Dynamic controls (function, cycles and fields) are output when PROIV generates an XML report. Static controls (headers and vertical totals) are not output in XML. If control totals are required then you have to construct them yourself and define them as dynamic controls within the report. See the attached example.

Hi Darren.
Thanks for your suggestion. The method is what I meant on the post actually. I found this is the way to get the subtotals. However, if I use this method to generate XML code, there are bulk of reports and they need to be modified one by one, the flow of the structure also need to be edit. I am trying is it possible have some other way to get the subtotals without edit too much of them.

I am really appreciate for your replies. THANKS.

Is it possible that I use the previous report (in .txt) and read the .txt file line by line and convert them into PDF using third party program?

Again, thanks to all of you about the reply. Posted Image

Haven't tried this myself but you might capture the totals in the control break logic like this

#var-name = VERT-TOT(file-var)

and then use then as xml attributes of whichever xml tag is appropriate in your report.

There are tools around to create pdf from text but you should check out using xsl stylesheets to automatically transform your pro-iv xml output to pdf.

Hi, Chris.
Thanks for your suggestion and I will try it Posted Image.

You could do that, but that would defeat the purpose of using XML. Another option is to enhance the process that is consuming the XML to create the control totals for you. In any case development work is required to obtain the control totals - it is just a case of where that development work is conducted.

Yes, I also feeling that would defeat the purpose of using XML. I will try several way and tell my supervisor the pros and cons about each of the method.

Thanks you very much of concern about my question.