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Dirty Data

20 October 2008 - 04:41 PM


I have been asked to find how can I erase the Bad Records(dirty data) from Proisam File? Cos I donīt wanna lose the 419 record on this file.

If I try to make some Report, Update or Screen function thereīs always come this msg: "Data Not Numeric in File"

In a 1 week ago this file was working just fine but unfortunately something wrong happen yesterday. Am tryng to find out WTH happen to this file... someone can help me?


Error in Assigning Sort File - PROIV Developer

14 May 2008 - 11:55 AM

We are using PROIV version 5.0 - Developer and we have a big problem here...

In any function that contains SORT on file i get the error message '011 - ERROR IN ASSIGNING SORT FILE'

What I can do to fix?