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In Topic: Calling Pro-IV As A Scheduled Task - Version 6.0

01 May 2007 - 02:56 PM

We are migrating to Version 6.0 in two weeks but I have one issue that I am trying to resolve first. I have a number of scheduled tasks under version 5.5 that I am trying to get to run on 6.0. The batch command under 5.5 is as follows:


When trying to run this command under 6.0 I am told that PROIV.EXE can no longer be run directly. I changed the command to run the new client, PROIVCSM.EXE and it runs once. The problem is that the client doesn't close after the function logs off. Does anyone know how I can terminate the new client after it has run its function and logged off? Thanks.

Try the msdos command "TASKKILL" (i.e. TASKKILL /F /IM proivcsm.exe)

In Topic: Oracle error ORA-12516

11 April 2007 - 06:49 PM

Might be going cuckoo...

No question about it Neil... :rolleyes:

It's obvious, that with such helpful hints such as this for Rory, that I am overshaddowed by your knowledge on this subject, and I should not have posted my feeble attempts to help someone who was asking for help so you can post your brilliant wisdom here.

If the only reason you posted a comment to this thread was to bump up your response counter, which must be the case since you didn't have anything helpful to post to this thread, then perhaps you should've Googled "Oracle Error Link" ( http://forums.oracle...D=305117#968947 ) first and then perhaps you could've given Rory (remember him...the person seeking the help) a little more insight than you gave me.

In the future, Neil, I'll make sure to cross reference any posts regarding Oracle errors and only post reponses to threads where I find a 100% match on all web sites to that as the subject title in the threads header so as not to waste the time you took to post your helpful comments.


Hi, this is a long shot. but could you be running out of cursors with this function as the oracle error message is weird. Try running with SQL_CURSORS=AUTO (needs pro32srv restart if windows).

In Topic: ProISAM error

20 March 2007 - 05:41 PM

Last week, our Windows 2003 Server's application event log registered 121,487 errors (event 52) logged consecutively for a single 10 minute period from the ProISAM service with the text entry of "Error hit maximum page number." No other logs or signs that there were any problems/issues in the ProIV application.

Has anyone else seen this event log error before or know what this is regarding?


It's bad and probally means you are starting to lose data off the file. You need to archive the file or make the maximum size of it bigger (dependent on PROIV version).

In Topic: SQL Server and Cursors

12 March 2007 - 10:47 PM

I suggest you put SQL_TRANSACTION_ERROR=Y in your pro4.ini (under the environment section) and then re-run your functions, this will then generate an error if you are commiting data in the wrong place which should then help you narrow down the error.

In Topic: transparent logon

31 January 2007 - 08:36 PM

I think I may have seen this before.

When you created your 4.6 area did you use your 4.0 boots (i.e. isin them over a clean 4.6 set). If so you maybe able to fix it by isining dbase.out (from 4.6 installation over the top). Otherwise you might want to check your dbase.out version and if it is an older 4.6 one, contact PROIV to get a newer one as they would have fixed this type of error by now.