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Repositioning the cursor in a paging screen

20 July 2001 - 12:42 PM

Anyone know how to reposition the cursor in a paging screen without exiting the screen. This can be done (ever since Pro-IV supported paging screens) by typing a number and enter and off it goes to the record with the @PSEQ matching this number. If the record is on the current screen the cursor only moves, if not the screen is redisplayed.

I want to do this using a function key. I have a paging screen with columns, and it is not possible to go to the next column, without arrowing down till you get there.

@SPSEQ only works on entry of the screen (and forces the selected record to the top) and for SET_CURR (which wrecks normal screen behaviour anyhow) requires you to know the key-value.

Anyone any ideas?