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In Topic: PRO IV - Glovia Bus and Task

10 February 2009 - 10:14 AM

Thanks for that, it has moved us forward, and some more research into the function and what it in turn calls (logic ), I have added select on GLOV_SYS to the user.
I will now need to test this fully.

So thanks, I will update this with more details as they become obvious, as I suspect there may be others who will have this problem vix making eEnquiry a little more secure

In Topic: PRO IV - Glovia Bus and Task

10 February 2009 - 10:10 AM

GLOVIAU is not a table, its a update function (in superlayer). Does this have more information than what it is showing on screen (I think it may not, I think they reduced the amount of info that shows up on the screen in 9.x and above).

Just a quick look-- it looks like you need the tables DRIVER and ODOM_OUT. I didn't dig too deep, but the only other way that it could be causing problems is that it may be potentially using some LSCALL to a different function (though in my experience, this would end up being the error funciton, in other words, if it is past a LSCALL then it would say that function is where the error is hapening).

Good luck on finding the error -- also do you know if they had to customize this function with this module you are talking about?

BTW, the info I am using is based on a 10.1 install. If you SLM into GLOVIAU, your mileage may vary.