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Printing one line per page in WIN NT

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#1 Arnold Mulder

Arnold Mulder


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Posted 13 October 1999 - 05:01 PM

Problem: Randomly pro iv will print one line per page for a report which is printing.

We are using:

Version 4.0 release 5.2.9 using client version 4.6 build 135

The reason for using this version and client combination is that it is the only one which allows our preferred printing configuration below. It has been broken in 4.6 and we are unable to update untill fixed.
Our requirement is to pass Ascii control characters through the print manager to properly print our reports in expanded/compressed/normal print within a report. Our reports must go to the printer in a one step (no extra key strokes) method.

We have used several different setup's within the client to pass the codes through to the print manager

1. Printing directly to the UNC device name
2. Setting them up on the Pro 4 server
3. as describe below which is our preference if we could get this prob fixed.

In Pro IV we set the printer as:

Report Device Name = LP0:RAW
Spool OK = 'Y'
Network Device = 'Y'

On the Client we set up the printer under view/printer/mappings as:

LP0 & selecting the printer you have set up on your desktop.

The printer on the desktop has been setup with the following:

To spool, spool after last page has been printed, and RAW spool data format.

Printing in pro 4 in the W? enviroment has been a challenge.

Are there any other or better ways to mix print sizes (condensed, expanded etc.) within one report function instead of sending printer control codes(Esc sequences),

If anyone has any other ideas please let me know.

#2 Jørgen Neegård

Jørgen Neegård


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Posted 25 October 1999 - 08:44 AM


I'm have been battleing the same problem for least one year.
There are many reasons that printing under NT isn't easy.
Mostly it's MS's foult. NT keeps filtering off all hex numbers from 32 and lower, when using generic /text only printer driver, you have to use this one for getting the lines correctly.

What you can do are one of the following things.

1. if the printer are connected localy, you simply cal your printer in pro-iv LPT1.

2. if it's connectet to and printserver, set up the printer in printermanager in NT (not the Pro-IV printer manager). Then share the printer in windows, and remapp the printer the following way.

net use lpt4 mycomputermyprinter /persistent:yes

This must be done for each windows user using pro-iv.

Then you can call your printer lpt4, or you can direct it trough the client and set the client to print to device lpt4.

There are also other ways around, but to explain them I have to know how your printers are connected in the network, and what versions of OS's you are using.
What so ever the best way to print from Pro-IV are to use 3. party printing engings that can read flat ASCii files.
I'm using JetForm Central 5.2 for my new printing jobs.
This is the best way to get rid of unstable and horrible workarounds for printing under NT.


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