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Doctor Who?

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#1 Steve Jenkins

Steve Jenkins


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Posted 10 May 2000 - 12:52 PM

Who is this Dr. ProIV?

a) ProIV employee

B) Northgate Employee

c) Santa Claus

Please send your answers on a postcard.

A message to this shadey character...

You don't need to hide behind a psuedonym. Your input on this site is appreciated.
Lord Lucan

#2 Peter Davies

Peter Davies


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Posted 10 May 2000 - 12:58 PM

Well it certainly isn't me.

I only reply to 'hunk of PROIV' (or is it chunk ?).

Doctor - please reveal yourself - send me an internal mail -I'll keep it quite - honest !



#3 Guest_Doctor PRO IV_*

Guest_Doctor PRO IV_*
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Posted 10 May 2000 - 01:11 PM


Come on! Own up!

I am you, arent I?

#4 Guest_Monty Python_*

Guest_Monty Python_*
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Posted 10 May 2000 - 01:15 PM

No, I'm Peter and so is my wife.....

#5 Ralph Gadsby

Ralph Gadsby


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Posted 10 May 2000 - 01:42 PM

Whoever he/she is he/she certainly knows how many beans make five!

#6 Guest_AllanSummerville_*

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Posted 10 May 2000 - 10:34 PM

Who cares who Dr. PROIV is?

All I know is that he has given more advice in the last 2 days than PRO IV would have given to any of their customers in 2 months!

#7 Rob Fantini

Rob Fantini

    ProIV Guru

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Posted 11 May 2000 - 01:02 AM

Hey Doctor,

I hope this is not a yearly checkup.

Please vist a few times per week.

This is the best web Pro-IV support site on the planet. But it would be even better with constant checkups.

you or some of the pro-iv tech support people ought to visit daily.


#8 Guest_Who is Robdon ?_*

Guest_Who is Robdon ?_*
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Posted 11 May 2000 - 06:48 AM

I don't care about who Dr ProIV is. Who is RobDon ? Have you read some of his posts in here ? He seems, to me, to be more interested in being destructive than in using the product. And I should know, I have worked with him !

Rob get a grip and get off your high horse.

Dr ProIV can you get your own web site so we don't have to come here anymore ?

#9 Rob Donovan

Rob Donovan


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Posted 11 May 2000 - 07:39 AM

There is an alternative web site 'www.proiv.com'

Good luck!

Rob Donovan

#10 Jørgen Neegård

Jørgen Neegård


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Posted 11 May 2000 - 08:08 AM

Yeah, that site is only uesfull for getting new versions.

it is on Robdon's forum I find usefull things.


#11 Guest_buttercup banana chunks_*

Guest_buttercup banana chunks_*
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Posted 11 May 2000 - 09:36 AM

Stop being so petty and childish. We are all professional developers who sometimes need answers and help and this seems to be the only place to get it.

So why don't you take your ball and go home!

#12 Guest_Who is RobDon ?_*

Guest_Who is RobDon ?_*
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Posted 11 May 2000 - 10:36 AM

I would question your 'Professional' remark when I see the like of entries titled 'sex in the city'.

I re-iterate my comment. Dr ProIV, whoever you are, can you start your own web site please.

#13 Guest_buttercup banana chunks_*

Guest_buttercup banana chunks_*
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Posted 11 May 2000 - 11:54 AM

You may not be professional but the rest of us are.

This site is produced by someone who beleives that the PRO IV community needs somewhere to air their views and get infomation from colleagues around the world. It is produced by someone who uses his own time and money for this purpose.

The only other place to converse is the PRO IV Ltd forum. This web page is only accessible if you are a partner, why not open this to the rest of the world.


#14 Lee Mulheron

Lee Mulheron


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Posted 11 May 2000 - 11:56 AM

Personally I thought the Sex in the City entry was quite funny but this Rob / forum bashing is frankly quite boring.

#15 Guest_Who is RobDon_*

Guest_Who is RobDon_*
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Posted 11 May 2000 - 12:31 PM

OK Mr (very professionally named) Buttercup Banana Chunks

I'll leave you to it.

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